Away from blogging but microblogging instead


I love it. I hate it.

I just said this in response to an email in which I felt the sender to be puffing up his technical know-how by talking down to me. Little did he know I speak English, not because I can’t speak geek, but because I find English does the job better.

So I tweeted into the ether (where he won’t follow or understand I was frustrated with him): “The OSI model was dead already in 2004. So why do smug folk use the jargon, albeit incorrectly, when trying to outgeek me?”

Then I remembered a lovely poem worth repeating here…

The Very Model of a Modern Network Architect

I am the very model of a modern network architect,
I’ve information presentation, transport, session, Oh See Net,
I know about the X.400, X.500 Standard set,
I am the very model of a modern network architect.

I carry all the data via integrated LAN and WAN,
With gateways, bridges, routers I can form a Global Network plan,
And clients talk to all their servers end-to-end with seamless ease,
Assisted by creative use of APIs and RPCs.

Protection of the network I achieve with great security,
Through DES authentication I can send a message tamper-free,
I verify the user with a cryptographic public key.
And access to an object must be gained from my directory.

I run the system from an integrated single-window view,
And manage all financial transfers with a store-and-forward queue.
In short, the many network layers I apply to great effect,
I am the very model of a modern network architect.


Lyrics by Dan Sullivan Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan — Bob Tinkelman, Cambridge Computer Associates, Inc., 212-425-5830, As found copied from Net Funny.

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  1. When you try to outgeek someone, you go with the most convoluted jargon you know that others probably do not know.

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