Behind the Blackboard Support Query Change

I hate ‘failing’ because I have successfully focused, followed instructions, gone down successive logical paths, and chosen what the instructions seem to call for.

I have enough failures which were legitimately my fault… I didn’t focus. I missed a detail.  I intepreted the data incorrectly; I came to the wrong conclusion.

Take Friday’s case of filling out a Blackboard support ticket. I was gratified to receive a phone call only minutes later, but the phone call was occasioned not by my ticket, but because I had filled it out incorrectly.

I have a solution which doesn’t involve a change in my behavior… a change in the form would be nice, but the job could still be done if the query Bb uses for Severity One cases is merely altered to include information they’ve already gathered from me …just include that tiny field underlined below.


Just include the part where the customer says, “No” this case does NOT related to my production system.

Because after this first step the prcess just gets more and more convoluted. I usually select Product Problem or Technical Question depending on whether I’ve encountered unexpected behavior or I’m planning on encountering unexpected behavior (!).


This is where it always gets dicey for me… They ASKED before whether this case concerns Production. Now they want to know if my case concerns a down situation or some functionality… So I try to make it clear. It IS a down situation, but it’s a Development environment. I KNOW this isn’t a 3 ALARM, DROP everything and come to my aid and I want Blackboard to know that too. But It is DOWN, information I think they should also have and the only one of the 4 options which fits my scenario.


I DO read the disclaimer on the far right… (But I never include access information because I expect them to have that on file..a bone to pick in another posting). And I don’t call them either because it’s my Development System which is down.


Blackboard: If you alert yourself to Severity 1’s by pop-up, by cellphone alerts, by klieg horns … send the alert when the very 1st question says, Yes, it is Production AND the radio button says Severity 1.

And… consider revamping this complete process so that I don’t get a headache every time I file a support ticket on a non-production system.

4 thoughts on “Behind the Blackboard Support Query Change

  1. I’m SO with you! And then they call you back and ask for login credentials to your servers (which you’ve given them in just about every ticket you’ve ever opened, yet they ask for it again). GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

  2. I’d bet all tickets generate an email, no matter the severity to your support person. So the phone calls ensures someone can address it ASAP.
    Three past TSMs gave us a cell phone number to call in the event of a Sev1.

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