Enhancement Idea for LMS / CMS / CLE


it is true that student data as contained in a course management / collaborative learning system IS identified by your institution as INSTITUTIONALLY VALUED DATA, covered by some kind of data retention policy


the data from past semesters must be archived according to that policy


protected from change.

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Do we know of any systems currently that are able to provide Instructors with continued access to historical class data (grade challenges, course re-design efforts etc) while protecting that data from change after the end of the term?

THIS is a needed feature.

5 thoughts on “Enhancement Idea for LMS / CMS / CLE

  1. Much agreed. People want/need access but I also know that people sometimes “prepare” for an upcoming term in their old areas – thus the change problem you mentioned. I too wish there was an easy solution.

  2. Right here in my outstanding jira tickets are two different ones which ask me to do exactly this sort of magic. Oddly enough, my last entry in each is “No progress”.

  3. Should the course management system be the source of this data (specifically grade challenges).. or should an export of the gradebook at the end of term be completed which then can be shown to the instructor in a read-only format?
    Similarly, making them an instructor (removing designer access) in the course would allow “past reference” to see what they did and how without having the ability to manage content. They could reply to discussions, mark, etc, but this wouldn’t matter as it’s not a change to the inherent design of the course, nor is it a problem if they change the grades (since the export at the end of the teaching period is published and defined as the canonical source).

  4. What about references to the artifacts upon which the grade was based? Would an error in the grading of an assignment or a paper or a quiz result in a change of a final grade? For that, the course would need to be referenced in its entirety…

  5. What I liked about the CE 4.1 term feature was the ability with a push of a button to lock all instructors out of their sections. No instructors causing funny business with grade books well after the term. I could archive the inactive sections at will without worrying about people making changes to them just before and/or after I have the backup and delete the section.

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