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I’ve got an incredibly interesting phenomena going on with a single course and a single student … unfortunately getting the student to submit their computer (or even answer questions about it) for scrutiny is like the proverbial teeth pulling.

She was the first one to complain that the UI dates for each of her weekly Journal postings is inaccurate. The UI claims, for instance, that she did 3 of them on Feb. 12th within 2 minutes of each other.

The Tracking report the Instructor accesses is another odd animal. The session numbers do not correlate with the access date/time stamps. One would think her first session would have the earliest date/time stamp but that isn’t true….


Yet, now that she’s complained to me and to the Instructor, she’s no longer answering emails…

(My webct.logs rotate after about a week -20 logs kept- and to really see 1 posting / week, I want to see back 6 weeks… gotta fix that).

2 thoughts on “Discussion Tool: Journal Mode

  1. Incorrect system time on one of the cluster nodes or the database server? I don’t think it fits all of the symptoms (why is it always Feb 12, for instance) but its all I can think of.
    (If any of your systems are virtual you may also want to check the host system clocks.)
    (Depending on your backup strategy you might be able to retrieve older logs from tape. Fun, fun, fun 😉

  2. Are both places using epoch? If not, then did the epoch ones get converted correctly (aka right time zone)?

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