*Oh* *My* *Word* : Unknown feature in Weblogic 9.2 the cause of it all.

Weblogic 9.2, the underpinnigs of CE/Vista 8.0 has an Advanced SSL feature which is enabled by default.

From the BEA “Configuring SSL” doc:

Using Host Name Verification

“A host name verifier is useful when an SSL client (or a WebLogic Server acting as an SSL client) connects to an application server (ed. “Wimba Voice Server”) on a remote host. It helps to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. By default, WebLogic Server has host name verification enabled. As a function of the SSL handshake, WebLogic Server compares the common name in the SubjectDN in the SSL server’s digital certificate with the host name of the SSL server used to initiate the SSL connection. If these names do not match, the SSL connection is dropped. The SSL client is the actual party that drops the SSL connection if the names do not match. ”

Thank you to Wimba for researching the BEA docs for me. I have been working with them on this issue since September 16, 2008.

On October 22nd I also opened a ticket with Blackboard. While they have worked the ticket with me, they’ve primarily felt it was Wimba’s case and they were walking by the side. The ticket on Blackboard’s side probably didn’t get escalated because of this. I do hope someone at Blackboard is aware of this Weblogic 9.2 feature.

For my part, you might ask, why didn’t I do my own BEA research? You might ask, “Don’t you RTFM? Have you ever heard of Google? Did you really expect the vendor(s) to shoulder the ENTIRE load?”

Well… yeah. I mostly did.

I don’t believe Notre Dame is alone in under allocating resources to its course/learning management system (CMS / LMS) or its collaborative learning environment (CLE) or its teaching and learning platform or ‘glue’ …whatever you call it.

Every day, every week, in every way, I have to make constant decisions about which responsibilities to follow-through on and which ones I can allow to lapse a little longer. My management knows I’m kind of like a little elf running around the plate on the table pushing stuff in danger of falling off back into the center of the plate while the giant constantly plops more on.

(That imagery deserves a picture, doesn’t it? Send me one and I’ll post it. Along the lines of “full plate” or “things falling off a plate” or giant eating little guy off his plate)

3 thoughts on “*Oh* *My* *Word* : Unknown feature in Weblogic 9.2 the cause of it all.

  1. Variation on the imagery:
    I’m picturing a small square table with a wobbly leg. On each side is a plate _just_ about to fall off. In the middle of the table is a lone mouse with a job title of “Plate Catcher Specialist”. Off-frame someone is saying “…its okay, we have a plate catcher.”

  2. ooo. That’s a good one. Or this one- There’s an iceberg in Antartica miles from anything where penguins rest. The problem is only so many penguins fit. When a new penguin climbs on the iceberg, one falls off and needs to be rescued.

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