We need good tools from Blackboard for browser configuration

I’m still at it creating that super awesome Help Desk online training course. Of course, an essential part of the course is the browser configuration content. And I’m trying to link to content that would hopefully be the freshest, most updated, instead of having to continually update my duplicate content.

Here’s a list of symptoms that indicate probable browser issues:

No automated browser check window when navigating to the site
No Chat window
No Assessment Window
No Assignment Upload Window
Login loop
Buttons Not Displaying (Assessment Submit Button for example)
No Open/Save Dialogue Box when clicking on a file link

Here’s a list of problems with Blackboard’s browser configuration site:

  • Icons are missing
  • The recommended JRE for client browsers is still back in the 1.4 series with no reference to 1.6.
  • Vista and CE 8 is not referenced at all.

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