Broken: Banner 8 ICSSKCOM mod

THIS IS AN EDITED POST FROM JAN 21. Luminis 4 is not the culprit as results have been seen with Banner 8 on Luminis 3.3. (Melody Brake provided additional information).

From my conversations with Melody Brake of Colorado State University, those of us who’ve adopted a little change to the ICSSKCOM package in Banner 7 may be in for a rude surprise when we upgrade to Banner 8.

(Stay tune to further blog posts on this topic as more information rolls in).

Banner 8 seems to refuse to send (?) any more than 13 character strings for the courses short description, which is what various institutions are appending term codes to so that our course sections imported from Banner each semester do not all have the same label.

At Notre Dame, we use SP, SU and FA with a two-digit year, so that our course section name is something like SP09-ANTH-30100-01 (Spring 2009 Anthropology 30100 section 1). Yep, 5 characters more than the ‘law’ allows.

I’m not certain how many other institutions have adopted the small yet majorly successful modification to the ICSSKCOM package for which I give praise and attribution to West Virginia University, but those I know of include one of the Connecticut State schools, and, of course, Colorado State.

I’ve also seen inquiries on the webct-admin listserve from Midwestern State University, Purdue and George Mason University.