University governance of a course management system

You should've seen me Friday. I was practically flipping cartwheels as I walked out of the CMS SubCommitte to the University Committee on Academic Technologies' (UCAT) December meeting.

For 3 and a half years it has taken reports back to the UCAT. It has made suggestions, recommendations and provided data to the UCAT. But Friday… Friday the SubCommittee made a decision. That decision served to provide me and my colleagues with direction. (And I got a whole new pre-Christmas to-do list, but that's beside the point).

The SubCommittee reversed the implementation decision from back in 2005 that course links would not be visible to students unless and until an Instructor went into our portal and set the link to be visible for each and every course section they wish to use.

Because of Friday's decision, starting Spring 2009 Instructors will no longer have to 'grant access' to students in order to make the course link visible. And since all links will be, by default, visible to students but not before/after the section start/end dates, I'll put a message in the default section content home page header saying "Your Instructor is not using Concourse (ND branded CMS)."