You can Vote to Fix Bb Vista/CE

Were you aware of the ‘crowdsourcing’ experiment run by the VistaSWAT user group in collaboration with Blackboard?

We are naming and voting on our top software issues. Blackboard has agreed to take a look at our results and utilize them in prioritizing software changes in the next release cycle. Isn’t that cool? We’re hoping for such a success that it becomes an ongoing collaboration between Blackboard and the User Group.

If you are a Bb Vista/CE user and you haven’t put in your two cents yet? Please register at and get your vote in.

So far 26 issues have been posted and 325 votes cast. The top issues so far are:

1. Notification icon behaviour for discussions, assignments, etc.

2. Lack of warning prior to user’s session timeout.

3. Improvements to Garbage Collection.

4. ‘Maintenance Restarts’ for system stability.

5. Ability to import/export grading forms.

Hope to see you at the site!

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