Banner 8 is Identity Management Ready. Is Blackboard?

Okay, yesterday's post was incomplete at best, probably even misleading.

I continue to research this UDC identifier which is new in Banner 8, and is included in the ICGORLDI extracts we populate Blackboard CE/Vista with at Banner institutions. Its also sent with real-time events if you're using the Banner Luminis Message Broker.

My further research shows that the sourcedid unique identifier shared between Banner and Blackboard does NOT go away. Here is what the new person record looks like, IF the UDC Identifier can't be disabled (assuming your institution isn't implementing it for exchange with other 3rd party systems as your identity management solution).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE enterprise SYSTEM "ldisp-2.0.dtd">
<datasource>SunGard SCT Banner</datasource>
<source>SunGard SCT Banner</source>
<userid useridtype="Logon ID" pwencryptiontype="SSHA"
<userid useridtype="SCTID" pwencryptiontype="SSHA"
<userid useridtype="Email ID">pbullet</userid>
<fn>Mr Peter A Bullet</fn>
<partname partnametype="MiddleName">A</partname>
<street>19238 Route 30</street>
<locality>King of Prussia</locality>
<institutionrole primaryrole="No"

And here is the membership xml.

<source>Banner University</source>
<source>Banner University</source>
<role roletype = "01">
<begin restrict = "04">2003-01-01</begin>
<end restrict = "04">2006-01-01</end>
<interimresult resulttype = "MidTerm">
<mode>Standard Letter</mode>
<mode>Standard Letter</mode>

My next questions are around what Blackboard versions will do with this… create lots of benign errors and then ignore it? Choke on the import or event and refuse to process?

And lastly, if your institution IS implementing SunGard's identity management solution, what version of Blackboard CE/Vista would support that? In that case, the UDC Identifier can not be ignored by Blackboard any more than any other 3rd party apps.