Banner 8 Upgrade for Blackboard CE/Vista Schools

Notre Dame will upgrade from Banner 7.4 to Banner 8.1 with a go-live date sometime next summer. That's the current plan anyway.

We upgraded to Blackboard Vista 8.0 just before fall break because we were advised of a couple of dependencies. I've had no updates on where this stands since then, so if you have additional information, please post.

But here's what I know:

  • Banner 8 contains a new globally unique identifier (GUID) assigned to each person record. This will replace the sourcedID (6 character). Person-related LDI events and ICGORLDI extracts will contain the new GUID.

  • The new GUID is stored in a variable length field, 32-characters long, an unchanging, system-generated, alpha-numeric AND encrypted value.

  • The PERSON object created by Banner Intcomp has been modified to support this userid type of UDCIdentifier.

  • The xml would look something like this:

<userid useridtype = "Logon ID" pwencryptiontype = "SSHA"
password = "{SSHA}b+iMKJ3Wnorb6ohURXoKWM5Af1FYTDBKNEdIMQ==">jdoe</
<userid useridtype = "SCTID" pwencryptiontype = "SSHA" password
= "{SSHA}b+iMKJ3Wnorb6ohURXoKWM5Af1FYTDBKNEdIMQ==">210009107</userid>
<userid useridtype = "Email ID">jdoe</userid>
<userid useridtype ="UDCIdentifier">3C9CBAC305933872E0440003BA1015A4</userid>

  • Blackboard plans on supporting this value as its size and encryption are now changed. Their support for it may be limited to the current CE/Vista version 8.x.  No, I don't know about other versions, don't know if it's baked in or a patch still due out.
  • SunGard is likely to supply a patch to Blackboard integrated customers which will allow them to choose NOT to encrypt the UDCIdentifier.

3 thoughts on “Banner 8 Upgrade for Blackboard CE/Vista Schools

  1. Will the new GUID apply only to new accounts? Otherwise, this would result in existing users having a different sourcedid according to Banner. If your right now in CE/Vista is 123456 from Banner 7 and Banner 8 thinks it is 3C9CBAC305933872E0440003BA1015A4, then it cannot ensure the existing user gets enrolled into a section.
    Additionally, this value Sungard has changed is what CE/Vista uses to determine uniqueness (unlike Luminis III who determined uniqueness on the logon id). Will this duplicate the user set?
    How could they have put this product to market without understanding how it would affect the customers? I mean… It seems so obvious how this would cause problems.

  2. The UDC Identifier supports SunGard’s identity management solution. These migration problems for all connected 3rd parties are why people are all lagging in an ID management solution.

  3. Can you provide any details on the dependencies? We are still at CE 6.2.3, and haven’t heard of anything that would require us to move to 8.0. We are using LMB only, not Luminis.

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