Learning Environment Connectors (LEC) and Content Sharing

The intriguing part about John Fontaine's Nov. 4th post on Blackboard LECs with Sakai and Moodle is this particular statement, "Instructors who can create content in the Blackboard system will able to share it with peers who are teaching with Moodle."

Does this mean what I think it means?

I think it means the IMS content packaging standard (rather than link to the IMS Global Consortium, I prefer this site as a reference: here.) is being adhered to by all parties in such a way that the package itself can be freely interpreted, copied, and manipulated by any system. I think it means archiving and backing up in a proprietary format is passe.

Am I smoking crack?

One thought on “Learning Environment Connectors (LEC) and Content Sharing

  1. If you’re smoking it, I’m eating it.
    Unfortunately, I think we’d be clutching at straws if we thought Blackboard would freely enable their customers to make their own Intellectual Property fully portable. I fear (as based on all previous experience with large scale proprietary products) that there will be some hook, some snag, some limitation that means that internet standards are not complied with.
    My guess is that there will be an API that will enable Moodle or other Learning System to tap into their repository or something.
    While I’m being Frank about openness, Blackboard have seen how more mature other Learning Systems are and instead of choosing to make a better product…they sue
    I wish I was high… and wrong.

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