Blackboard and Echo360 Lecture Capture

Remember Dr. Mark Jones from yesterday's post? Well, he's part of the senior management team at Echo360. Also yesterday, Blackboard and Echo360 announced a partnership that will enable Echo360's personal version of their Lecture Capture system to be distributed FREE with Blackboard software.

I suppose that means seamless uploads to one's Blackboard CMS? And seamless playback?Probably all this seamlessness applies only to the NG product since the agreement will take effect Spring 2009. Read yesterday's announcement at Market Watch.

One thought on “Blackboard and Echo360 Lecture Capture

  1. While I’m not authorized to make comments on personal blogs I happened to come across this post and wanted to give a brief bit of insight. While the Echo360 partnership with Bb does allow for a different market seeding of the product the Echo platform will continue to support a wide variety of CMS / LMS / VLE environments. Currently the system supports Bb Enterprise 6 and up, Bb Vista, Bb CE 6, Moodle, Angel, and TWEN.
    I hope this helps clarify things.

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