If I were a poor company (not a ‘rich’ university)…

…For $9500 I could license Blackboard’s Software As a Service … but instead, Managed Hosting will take care of the university for big bucks. There’s something inequitable here about pricing models, as far as I can figure.

Of course, maybe I can work a bundle deal if I also order :

Can I have fries with that?

One thought on “If I were a poor company (not a ‘rich’ university)…

  1. ProSites really is not designed for education. (Points below from a PDF comparing to the Learning System.)
    1) Limited to 200 users at the $9,500 price. To scale up to 2,000 is extra.
    2) Quota on course size to 50MB (two PPTs?).
    3) Sounds like no capability to import or backup courses.
    All in all, sounds like a crappy product for a company to use for now. Probably these 40 using it will convince Blackboard to improve it and bring it closer in line with the Learning System.

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