Calling All Vista/CE Application Administrators: THE User Group to Join!

Back in 2005, just before the merger between Blackboard and WebCT, Market Data Retrieval (MDR) a provider of education market research, found that WebCT had 32 % of the market share, while Blackboard held 51 %. []

Here we are 3 years later, the assimilated ones. Some of us have migrated elsewhere, but the rest of us have hung on for a bit of a ride.

What if we join our voices to come to Blackboard and speak as one?

Rather than geographically isolated User Groups, what if we all consolidate to a single User Group? And forgive me if I advocate for the one I currently belong to, called, for reasons lost in the dust of time, VistaSWAT. (Did you see us at BbWorld with the bug swatters?)

I recommend VistaSWAT because we are already geographically dispersed (From Saskatchewan to Florida, from Drexel to Cal State). We already have a listServe independent of Blackboard. We already meet online twice a month via Wimba Classroom as hosted by Cal State Chico. We have from 24 to 48 participants per call. We have contact and perhaps even the ear of Blackboard (and with you joining us, even more so!) concerning the continued maintenance of Vista/CE. We also want to have input into features for the new NG product line. We have a different take on what these features, and their priorities, should be because we are starting at a different place.

Where do you find VistaSWAT to join?

1. Join by emailing and asking to join VistaSWAT.

2. Join in our twice monthly conference calls courtesy of Cal State Chico and Wimba at (If you email Jeff to join, you’ll get invitations the Thursday of the call held at 3PM ET — 2PM CT — 1PM MT — 12PM PT eveyr other Thursday. October 9th is the next one).

3. Wholly external to Blackboard, and frequented by many Application Admins is a listserve called WebCT-admins, which you can subscribe to here:

4. We need to get our own wiki on but so far only those using Bb Vista/CE AND the Banner SIS have a Special Interest Group on connections. I’d recommend joining that one and staying tuned for a VistaSWAT SIG (CE users totally welcome!)