Everything you wanted to know about the Client Browser

Would having the ability to configure what you want to know be worth buying a 3rd party widget? Or subscribing to Software As Service?

What about your Help Desk being able to have clients go to a page and email you their test results so you can walk them through the fixes?

What about being able to provisionally add to the test list the browsers Blackboard hasn’t certified yet? (You can always edit your server’s browserchecker.xml so that Bb doesn’t nag you about an unsupported browser used at your school, but you can’t troubleshoot that browser’s  settings).

This ad came to my Inbox today. Their customer list is huge. I’m thinking it might be worth having… (And I don’t have to code or maintain it!!!)


One thought on “Everything you wanted to know about the Client Browser

  1. Goergia Southern and Georgie Perimeter created something like ours a couple years before we adapted the two ideas into a branded one we maintain.
    We don’t update the browserchecker.xml outside of the Blackboard provided logic. Our clients also put the browsers through their paces and provisionally recommend them prior to Bb’s updates. A point of contention between us and them is that we allow the alerts to say browsers they find acceptable are… well… not.

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