Messy Drop/Add Season on Vista 8

If your SIS is connected to your LMS/CMS, you expect your enrollments to synchronize, right?

Student drops Section 1, Student adds Section 2, expected behavior is clear: Student disappears from Gradebook in Section 1 as noted by Instructor, the Admin view of their enrollments updates to exclude Section 1 and include Section 2; Student no longer sees link to Section 1, but sees and able to access Section 2.

And this is by and large what we’ve seen this Fall semester. Except.

Except for Cross-lists.

(Who out there is really surprised? Plug for Product NG: We need cross-lists and we need them to work!)

If student drops out of a cross-listed section only to add its sister section, then what happens? Well, it should be the same thing, but it’s not.

Instead, the Admin View demonstrates that the student is no longer enrolled in the Crosslisted parent but STILL enrolled in the original child section. And therefore, because the enrollments ‘roll up,’ the student is ineligible for enrollment in the sister section (the system believes them to already be enrolled). The Instructor, who views the Parent Gradebook, doesn’t see the student enrolled in anything. The Student no longer has access to either section. Yuck.

And to make matters worse here at ND, where cross-lists are already everywhere, we also ‘supersection’ upon request and those teaching many sections of labs frequently supersection up to 40 sections! You can imagine what that crosslist looks like after add/drop!

To clean up, I’m wondering if I DARE rely on the underlying database structure which they claim (since Vista 3) reconnects a student’s data with the student if they re-enroll. In other words, can I delete all parent crosslist and child crosslist enrollments through the GUI, then resynchronize the enrollments from our SIS and have the students, their correct sections, AND all the work they’ve already done, be happily re-united?

Anyone care to offer an opinion?

5 thoughts on “Messy Drop/Add Season on Vista 8

  1. The evidence I have seen from looking at tracking data is student data is found within the section where the student is enrolled. Same as you would expect student created content not to reconnect across normal sections, I would not expect the content to reconnect within a cross-list.
    I think the problem you found about students changing enrollments supports that expectation. 🙂

  2. EZ-
    Hmm…”student created content” DOES reconnect as of Vista 4. A Drop doesn’t delete it, just breaks the connection to the course. But in this case, we were talking about the enrollments, haven’t even confirmed they and their professors can see work previously accomplished in another section (and according to your theory, they probably can’t). What is puzzling is that their child enrollment is not getting rolled up into the crosslist enrollment… On the VistaSWAT call yesterday Sherryl Meads inferred that the DROP/ADD real-time event might not be processed in the correct order. I now realize they ARE getting dropped from the original section and added to the new section, just not rolled into enrollments for the parent section.

  3. Okay, the stuck state? I now know the drop event is leaving the student inactive in the original child section and ineligible for the ADD to be processed, because the student is left inactive in a different constituent section. They can’t be re-added to the Crosslist!

  4. Update (Fall & Spring Drop/Adds on Vista 8.01):
    1). Stuck state is enrolled in original section, but removed from xlist parent.
    2). We have been manually “dropping” or unenrolling the student from the child section through the UI, and resynching with Banner through an ICGORODM on the student. 100% of the time it succeeds.
    3). We still have no data on whether the student who drops one constiuent section of a parent and then adds another, whether that student is again attached to their prior work from the other section. Either they’re content to recreate the work so we don’t find out about it, OR, the drop/add occurred before they’d turned in assignments, etc.

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