So hard … Why is this so hard?

All I want is a tracking report on tool usage PER College. But how do you determine which College (group) to associate XLIST data with when the tracking data is aggregated under the parent and the child sections belong in different disciplines? Arrrghhhh!

Why is this a PowerSight Mentoring engagement?

Why do they even call these Views “PowerSight”? A bunch of views on tables which have been promised to always provide the same data from version to version is NOT -in anybody’s book- a reporting tool.

One thought on “So hard … Why is this so hard?

  1. I believe the tracking data is aggregated in the xlist_child section in which the student is officially enrolled. So if the section is cross-listed in both the College of Education and College of Art, then the actions for the COE students are in COE and for the COA students in COA. This is good, right?
    From the term “PowerSight Mentoring”, it sounds like they are going to teach you how to use write SQL against these views. Something you already know how to do.
    It is exposing the data in a easier to understand way to you than trying to report off the regular schema. We have been tripped up by changes between Vista 3 and Vista 8. However, these changes may be meaningful and help us understand the product better.
    I alluded to this SQL earlier. We use it to tell us the group. You could adapt it to just tell you the Group here.
    select hierarchy_level “Level”,, lci.left_lc_id, lci.left_type_code
    from webct.learning_context_index lci, webct.learning_context lc
    where = lci.left_lc_id
    and right_lc_id=

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