Let the Borg be the Analogy

The NextGeneration BlackBoard learning management system should seamlessly ‘assimilate’ with libraries, SIS’s, alternate databases and universes, John Fontaine’s GPS and home control system…

It should exist in both cube and sphere form, both underneath the interface and as THE interface.

It should supply the oneness of the universal collective known as ‘students’ with whatever the next thing students desire to assimilate, keeping in mind that they assimilated to a specific collective (University) for that University’s distinctiveness.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get back to reality…

Ed Buford & Laura Gekeler


3 responses to “Let the Borg be the Analogy

  1. I received the offline comment that we know what one thing the Borg pursue: Perfection.
    Can Blackboard live up to that one?

  2. Ahhhhh… The Borg pursue their idea of perfection. Humanity’s (the education community?) idea of perfection is in a completely different direction. 😀

  3. Hah true enough Ez. Gosh I miss Star Trek.

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