BbWorld: Upgrading to Releases Resulting from Project NG

Jessica Finnefrock has to be tired of hearing herself, even if she loves what she’s saying. This conference is abuzz with media concerning Project NG : multiple screen KeyNote demonstration, breakout sessions, focus groups. It’s an advertising campaign of monstrous proportions.

So here we are in the 4pm session about the upgrade process to software releases that don’t yet exist and to which we’re not really certain we would upgrade to before any of our peers.

Like children on the playground, I’m certain there will be much elbowing, “You first.” “No, I don’t wanna go first. YOU go first.”

But on to Jessica … (presentation is turned into a webinar and an FAQ on Behind the Blackboard because it’s a firehose of over communication).

  • Blackboard 9 is common code base for Next Gen. The full project NG vision will be released in Blackboard X.
  • Bb 8 is a stability release but will be supported through October 2012.
  • Bb 9 will NOT involve database migrations, changes to existing SIS integrations, changes in authentication ….
  • Bb 9 can be upgraded in place, by fresh install, or as a co-production with Bb 8 (separate hardware). In place upgrade is NOT an option for Vista 8 clients!!!
  • Bb9 does not have full parity with our existing learning systems… for example, removing browser checker, removing dependency on java. No further detail on parities was given except to say ‘new work flows’ and ‘really clear documentation.’
  • The vista-specific roadmap will be available when Bb9 comes out.