BbWorld Banner Integration by U of New Mexico

What a great thing to see here! Those of us using the only SIS which integrates with Bb Vista out of the box filled the room.

Elisha Allen, Associate Director, New Media & Extended Learning, University of New Mexico, did an excellent job of describing the technical details and the business requirements behind it.

What I found most refreshing was a presentation that provided the same level of understanding on the Vista-side and the Banner-side. It’s the kind of understanding that I want the vendor’s themselves to have.

Neither SunGard nor Blackboard seem to understand the various work flows that our institutions need to conduct our regular business and how vital this is to our entire course management and learning management capabilities.

The business side at UNM seems very similar to Notre Dame. One proactive thing they did that we could also do is to create multiple partner codes in Banner to track whether the course is online, face to face or a hybrid. At Notre Dame, at least an online code and the more normal integration partner code we use now, “V”, will be important going forward.

UNM went live with Banner and Vista at the same time, also very much like Notre Dame. However, because their CMS is owned by their Academic Technologies unit, and Banner belongs to their SIS (our Student Faculty Information Systems) group, some of the solutions they devised are a result of the difficulty of allocating development resources across business units. In one case, they’ve devised a shadow database with the ICGORLDI output in order to verify against it Instructor credentials for requesting joint course shells for multiple sections, ie, confirming that that Instructor is the Instructor of Record for those sections, or, what we call “SuperSections.”

The presentation will be posted on the Blackboard site.

Belmont responded with this comment (during Q&A). ICGORODM can be used for one course, one section or one person. They have created POPSELs which create specific section selections to run against an ICGORODM, much as our SFIS’s, Julia Bruckert, has done for us, in creating POPSEL pacakge, we call SYZPSYNC. Our package does a diff through a DB Link on enrollment discrepancies between Vista and Banner, thusly creating a POPSEL based on the output, which we then use for an ICGORODM to update enrollments.

U of NM is currently exploring CAS for Luminis and Vista SSO.

U of NM hasn’t been deleting past sections primarily out of a concern for loss of reporting data.

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