BbWorld Session: Top 10 Support Tickets (Bb Vista/CE) sent to Blackboard

(It was standing room only! Way to go, John Porter!)

10. How do I get SSL to work?

9. How do I get users to tell me which node they’re on?

8. How can I update my license with just a system reboot?

7. How can I tell that Garbage Collection is working?

6. How can I unlock a locked section?

5. How can I monitor background job? (Stave off problems before they occur).

4. How do I bypass custom branded pages?

3. Can application nodes by upgraded concurrently (minimizes downtime)? Can be done! Only have to upgrade admin and first node, and restart admin. Other nodes can be upgraded now simultaneously.

2. Why isn’t chat working?

1. The most frequently asked question is…. How can I prevent users from changing their password in CE or Vista Licenses?

See presentation located at Search for BBWORLD08CEVISTA


And besides, I now have faces for John Porter, Doris Drugescu, and Danny Thomas … I hope to get photos later to post.