BbWorld: Coradiant, Monitoring your LMS

Darrell Walker, Jacob Wilson, Sung Lee, and Mudassir Sheikh,Texas A & M.

Topic: System Administration

Monitoring can play a major role in areas such as system administration, help desk information, network traffic usage, malicious attack investigation, database performance, hardware failures and future growth planning.

Sounds like a vital piece of IT infrastructure. Hmm, wonder how many of our Universities do it?

Texas A&M does 3 types of monitoring:

  • System Administration – Big Brother by Quest Software and Nagios

Big Brother monitors the hardware (CPU usage, memory usage, disk drives, connectivity, SWAP space), applications (HTTP connections, chat process, SSL cert expiration notification), and database (table space, oracle processes, SID verification, alert log entries).

  • Application Traffic & Usage – Vista Dashboard by ITS
  • User Experience – TrueSight by Coradiant

2 thoughts on “BbWorld: Coradiant, Monitoring your LMS

  1. Interesting tidbit — Coradiant is currently talking to Blackboard about setting up a user community specifically around using Coradiant to analyze / monitor Vista user experience.

  2. A Coradiant user community focused on Vista would be very welcome. I’d gladly participate assuming I can spend thousands on this during insane budget cuts.

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