BbWorld …Additional Wireless Access

Thanks to Justin Beck for passing this on from the Blackboard team-

In order to meet the increased wireless access needs of our clients, please note that we have added additional wireless internet access at BbWorld ’08. In addition to the Cyber Café (sponsored by Dell) in Titian Room 2203 & 2303, we now have wireless internet access in the following location:

The Venetian Ballroom
Sections A-E: Bb Bistro
Sections F-K: General Session Room

If you are unable to access the internet, or if you are not able to see the BB_WORLD network, please contact the support team at Ext. 66810
NOTE: The Venetian Ballroom will be closed at times for General Session Rehearsals and Event Preparation.
Information flyers are also available at the BbWorld Registration Desk. Please share this information with any attendees that inquire about wireless access.

(There is an access code you’ll need to connect to the BB_WORLD network).