BbWorld ’08 Preparedness


    Are you ready? A word for those bringing laptops, and those thinking my blogged session notes will be almost real-time …

    There are no ubiquitous wireless connections for conference attendees at the venue. Even the worldclass Venetian comes at a higher price than Blackboard has budgeted for, it seems.

    No wireless at the venue. Yes wireless in your rooms. Yes, wireless at the venue but

    as a pay-for.

    Be advised – the wireless in your room and the wireless at the conference will incur two separate charges should you choose to hook up.

    These conference areas are where we’ll get Internet access (wired, mostly, except for the lounges, it sounds like):

    • Cyber Café with 30 computers in the Titian Room

    • “Laptop Alley” with 10 stations with power and Internet for attendees to connect their own laptops

    • Four lounges in the exhibit hall – K12, Beyond, International and the Exhibitor Lounge with access

    • A bank of 10 computers in the exhibit hall

    10 thoughts on “BbWorld ’08 Preparedness

    1. I absolutely cannot believe that people are paying so much for the Blackboard Conference and now have to incur the additional cost for wireless! The people attending this conference need access to their technology. In our case, our entire support team is attending with the understanding that we can support remotely. This issue should truly be reconsidered, especially if they hope to retain attendees for any future conferences.

    2. Laura, you are so sweet to post this and make me feel better about not attending.
      About internet access at the Venetian:
      The good news, if memory serves, is that there is access in the rooms, both wired and wireless. The bad news is that it’s a ten buck charge.

    3. Oh, daily. A daily charge of $10. Not to rub it in or anything…
      This is one of the hidden costs of scheduling these events at resort locations, in my opinion–the infrastructure is not set up to support business travellers.

    4. Thanks Laura
      I agree that when BB support teams are attending it is ridiculous not to have wireless to all conference areas. Make sure to voice your opinion on the conference evaluations. I did that for the WebCT conference in San Francisco and the next year in Chicago wireless was everywhere.

    5. Wireless at venue on a pay basis eh? Is it also $10? So if you had access in your room and at the venue you’re looking at $20/day?

    6. Yep, that’s how they get’cha.
      At past conferences, I’ve always multi-tasked, even while in sessions, which are often basic enough for me to listen, take notes, and check my email back home, where we are understaffed, all at the same time. Wireless should be a given at any tech conference.
      Guess there will be some extra hours to charge back to my institution, where we cannot even afford to put enough people on basic support.
      And just like the “Client Party” is at the end of the event, instead of in the middle, as at previous WebCT conferences, BlackBoard chooses the slimy route because they know busy professionals won’t stay an extra night just for the party and the open bar. Again, cheers to BlackBoard for squeezing the users. It all adds up.
      Thanks, Laura, for the wireless information, it’s much appreciated! Sorry to digress here.

    7. While there is no free WiFi at the hotel we will have two options.
      1) The Cyber Café will have a “Laptop Lane” that will have quite a few hardwired connections for you to use at no cost. We will provide numerous tables with power and Ethernet cables.
      2) There will be 3 small networking lounges in the exhibit hall that will have free WiFi access when the Exhibit Hall is open.

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