Course Management Busy Time

It may be the summer doldrums for blog posts, but that doesn’t mean nothing is going on. You know it.

On top of the rush to production for new features, new plug-ins, updated support site, and latest version, last Friday I bounced our production platform which hasn’t run a garbage collection since we added Hot Fix 2 to Vista 4.2.3 back in March.  …Well, of course, I forgot it would replace the GarbageCollection.xml new and improved config file with the UN-improved version in the Hot Fix… and I thought I’d staged our license file by copying over the old license.bin with the new one, but Sunday, 6/29, was the day our license expired. Apparently I’d omitted that last little copy…

I can testify your admin email address gets 7 emails every midnight.

PS. Our 140 gig database that hadn’t run a garbage collection successfully since March, took just 40 minutes to successfully complete.