Vista 8 : Faculty Feedback about New Item Notifications

This Instructor was advised that his main issue, the inaccuracy and inconsistency of new item notification items, specifically for discussion posts, had not been addressed in this version. You can see his response:

“I am absolutely flabbergasted that the new Discussions indication is not fixed. I am incredulous. I am baffled. I can’t believe it…and I never thought I’d say that again about Blackboard changes/upgrades. It so reinforces my past wish that we had been able to go to some system that we could control ourselves, and fix, rather than live with Blackboard’s priorities. Oh well. Thanks for the heads up, I probably would have had a coronary if you hadn’t given us the advance warning on this amazing lack of competence.

I guess in the end my observation is that what I saw –granted, only from what I tested– with version 8.0 tells me (1) what worked before, works now and (2) what didn’t work before still doesn’t work.”

2 thoughts on “Vista 8 : Faculty Feedback about New Item Notifications

  1. Is he expressing his hope that your programmers not set priorities and waste resources on trying to fix everything? What a resounding lack of faith in the abilities of Notre Dame technical staff!

  2. Wow – Deja Vu. I wonder if your faculty member teaches at our school as well. As several dozen different people.

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