Vista 8 Install Experiences?

I’d be interested in what your experiences have been… especially the ever present undocumented ‘features’.

Here’s one of mine: When upgrading to Vista 8 your former Weblogic Console password will be reset to the default.

Here’s another: When changing the default password to something more secure (post-installation task), you will encounter this line in the documentation which you may safely ignore. (And don’t even bother looking for something mysterious to appear in the Weblogic Console. Never appeared for me. In fact, reminded me of the Easter Eggs I used to hunt for in MS Windows products…)

(Chapter 4: Post-Installation Tasks page 46)
10. Change password to the new password and save the file.

In the WebLogic admin console a link will appear near the top of the WebLogic admin console page asking if you want to make a change to the fileRealm file. Select Yes.