Another Kind of Tale: Expired Oracle Account

Do you get really tired of me harping on another bad experience? I do. So here’s a different story resolved yesterday …

1. Ran ./ to update licenses on our PREproduction cluster. I was so proud of myself for following reading the Admin doc. The email I received with the licenses in it pointed to this document. It also contained rudimentary instructions… the ones I should’ve followed.

2. Oracle patch and Oracle Profile updates went into all our PREprod databases. ALL the Notre Dame Oracle databases. Application user passwords were expired across the board.

3. Caught the expired password. Reset it to same as before. Admin started. Application Nodes would not start.

Call in the cavalry! AND one specific Blackboard Client Support Manager I copied  because of his record of responsiveness: John Porter.

Within minutes of sending out to the listserve, you, my fellow Admins, started sending  back your experiences, offering things to check out in response to the log error, “No good connections available.” The WebCT$PF user had been locked as Stefan Redelinghuys of the University of Pretoria reported happened to him.

John Porter was on the phone and on Webex with me right away. With his help sorting out versions of encrypted passwords, and starting with a config REFRESH, what could’ve taken days to sort out was done in minutes. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.