Vista 8 HTML Creator, Chat and Whiteboard validated

I love the VistaSWAT group. We have twice monthly calls where from 25 to 40 of us course management admins participate in a Wimba conference call/whiteboard session and talk about issues of import to us.

But a couple of sessions back, we were asking each other who had installed Vista 8 already and how had that gone… A couple people had installed it and gotten pretty far along in testing.

The report that java applets: the HTML Creator, Chat and the Chat Whiteboard didn’t work in Clusters was chilling to me, a real showstopper. Only on clusters it was reported, because the applets were attempting to communicate on the local node address rather than the cluster address.

Tracy Tolliver of University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign was comforting when she said these applets tested out fine in their development cluster.

Today I can confirm Chat, Whiteboard and the HTML Creator work fine in Notre Dame’s Development cluster as well. I’m not certain whether different builds got released into the wild or not so here is our Build:

3 thoughts on “Vista 8 HTML Creator, Chat and Whiteboard validated

  1. Hi LG,
    You must change the external-dns-name in the admin config to the main web address, ie Then do a touch REFRESH on the nodes and a restart. Voila, it works.

  2. Actually, I’m wrong. It’s the DNS name for the app node itself, or the IP address.

  3. Our firewall prevents the world from accessing the machines directly. Client traffic must go through the load balancer. Inside our own network, this is not a problem. If you do not have a firewall in place like us, then it also is not a problem.
    Vista 4: /webct/editor/eopro/editonpro.js
    Vista Wrong:
    I would not recommend opening up the hosts to the world as a solution to this. 🙂

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