First Source Bank: A week in retrospect.

As happens in most IT crisises, a week after the mishap, days even sometimes, when we are all rational again, when we’ve had our sleep… what we thought of as the fiasco that brought the world down fades into stories we won’t even bother to tell our grandkids. Other than lessons learned for those directly involved, maybe a few real cents lost in interest for some, most of us won’t give it another thought.

In course management I think of Utah State’s loss of a week’s worth of student data due to? Now, what was it due to? Hmm, I remember thinking members of the Sakai Organization were way too hasty jumping to the conclusion it was all Blackboard’s fault, but in the end it was either their Oracle database management or their SAN management practice, as I recall. And just recently someone managing the SIS at Chico State, California sent over a Peoplesoft database extract which, when imported into the course management system, somehow changed/garbled the display labels of all the courses. Ouch! But, you know, I’m certain they were reversed out by the humans who manage the systems and who care.

And that’s what I found out about the humans that work for First Source Bank. They care. I know they’ll do it differently the next time such a crisis comes their way (and it doesn’t matter who your organization is: a crisis WILL come your way).

I think my bank account will still be there when it happens.

One thought on “First Source Bank: A week in retrospect.

  1. This is why you want humans operating your banking or course management systems and not true AI. You can find a human with empathy. Only when machines become empathetic would I want them in control.
    Its sad though many humans out there can only read to you what the machine says. That is the structure of the support organization.

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