First Source Bank Saga Continues …

72 hours later. 3 overnight processes gone by. Telephone calls to: 2 separate Customer Service Agents at the main office downtown; 2 calls to Pat Hahn (Pat rocks!) at my MapleLane branch, and a FAX from her and back to her (The acid splash of a  “Disputed Item” form I was required to sign); 1 call to Ryan at MapleLane’s branch this morning (although Customer Service downtown told me signing the Disputed Item form was necessary, Ryan doubts that) …all Ryan could do was confirm that 1st Source still has my money (and 10’s? 100’s? of other customers as well, including Ryan’s) and I still DON’T have my money; 1 call from Mary, whose last name I didn’t catch, but who is in charge of 23 branch offices, yet had not been advised of Sunday’s system error until Pat Hahn from MapleLane called her about me. It. The problem… Mary is on the ball. I’m expecting a phone call back from her this afternoon.

7 thoughts on “First Source Bank Saga Continues …

  1. Ms.Laura….I work in the area of the the bank in which you are attacking. You personally think this happens to ONLY you. It was a program problem that happened to thousands of customers. If you are so “IT” smart, you would realize(and understand) how wide spread a program problem could go.It’s obvious you don’t. Walk a mile in someone’s shoes before shooting the bullets….you make me think twice about ND Grad students…yikes.

  2. All the people you want to trash,on line, are actually helping you and all the others with the SAME problem-me included(worked 12 hours)….hope you never have to work at a bank.

  3. Good Morning Kim,
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I’m sure the crisis of handling the fallout from the programmer’s problem had its own effect on your normally good nature. I hope your work environment is much less stressful and that things are getting back to normal.
    I was sorry you thought I was attempting to ‘trash online’ anyone: First Source Bank or the outsourced company from which you’ve purchased the system which I, as a client, know as online banking. I was attempting to make a difference in customer service. I attempted to state my experience as objectively as possible, granted, given my frustration.
    I’m not certain why you think I don’t understand the widespread nature of the problem… My daily work is done hand in glove with developers and builders of software. In fact, my department here at Notre Dame is responsible for building some of it. My main role is one of customer service, as well as running the system, maintaining and troubleshooting the system, whose software we purchase from a publicly traded company. I really think it was unfair of you to say I don’t understand. It was precisely because I do understand and do hold myself accountable for the highest standards of customer service to my clients that I was particularily sensitive to the way First Source Bank handled this. And in the end, I think 1st Source administration heard me and realizes that 1st Source is particularily vulnerable because of its relationship with the company who built and run the online banking system First Source uses. I think the administration of 1st Source also recognizes that its customer service representatives have not been empowered to any sort of degree which is necessary to handle a crisis of this magnitude. (By the way, I believe I know precisely how those who maintain the system caused it to happen and shame on them! It was the type of error that never should’ve passed the quality assurance, unit testing and regression testing cycles that software –and changes to software and its management- go through before those processes are made available to its clients).
    Just wanted to say that I know it was a huge problem, and I hope that figuring out how it should’ve been handled will help First Source have the policies and practices in place to be more responsive to its customers needs in the future.
    Ahh… I got the names mixed up, it’s Pat Hayes at Maple Lane who is my ideal of what customer service does. Thanks for providing Ryan’s last name. I didn’t realize I was mixing the Hayes and Hahn.
    The very best to you,

  4. Wow…. I hope Kim doesn’t work in customer service or PR. Inferring you don’t know how to do your job and are a grad student are not great ways to win customer loyalty.
    Maybe it was drunk posting?

  5. Laura- If you don’t like your bank then leave. If you are unhappy I am sure your bank dosen’t enjoy your constant complaining about them. There are plenty of other banks in town. Just leave!

  6. For the record, I mixed up some of the names
    My favorite Maple Lane branch employee is Pat Hayes, while her manager is Ryan Hahn.
    I’ve also had phone calls with James Seitz, Senior Vice President in charge of electronic banking, and Mary Chmiel, another Senior Vice President.

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