Does your Institution do grade submission from a Course Management System to Student Information System?

Yes, my preoccupation of late has been just this, submitting Midterm and Final grades from our CMS to our SIS, sort of a no-brainer in integrations between systems, I would have thought, but from what I hear, the available solutions aren’t nearly as robust as one might think. I’m even talking outside of Notre Dame’s CMS/SIS vendors Blackboard and SunGard, although I haven’t done as much Datatel, Peoplesoft, or home grown customization research as I’d like. I bet members of the Sakai community have developed more than one flavor of this solution…

I’m soliciting institutions to discover what versions of CMS and SIS are in use and whether grades are being sent to the SIS through their CMS. So far in the Blackboard/SunGard list I have (but as far as I know, none of them use it as their only method of grade submission):

Institution CMS SIS
McGill University Bb Vista 4.2.2 SunGard Banner/Luminis 3.1
Samford University Bb CE 6.2.2 SunGard Banner
Durham College / University of Ontario IT Bb Vista 4.2.1 SunGard Banner
U of Texas Dallas Bb CE 6.2.2 SCT Plus
University of Notre Dame Bb Vista 4.2.3 SunGard Banner/Luminis LDI 3.2
El Paso Community College WebCT CE 4 (moving to Bb Vista 8 this summer) SunGard Banner 7.4/LDI 3.1

One thought on “Does your Institution do grade submission from a Course Management System to Student Information System?

  1. In the GeorgiaVIEW project, a previous director had grave concerns about pushing grades from Vista through LDIS to Banner.
    1) He was concerned about people having access to the grade book in Vista who would not normally have that access in Banner. For example, typically teaching assistants are not provided access to Banner.
    2) Campus Pipeline acquired a very bad reputation in the USG. So those involved with Luminis and LDIS have had to push very hard to get anywhere.
    3) Unanswered questions still remain about how we would do this. a) Would LMB & LMG reside at the campus or in OIIT data center? b) Who is responsible for ensuring the data is correct?
    So we are have not implemented any of the near time components for integration between Vista and Banner. We have a person dedicated to checking the loads from all 32 schools we host to ensure they are correct before implementation. She typically sends back a couple files per term to schools as the settings they have would mess up their enrollments.

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