Back in the Saddle…

To-Do List

  • Explore ways to influence Bb and SunGard development process around integration
  • Do damage control on cancelled Grade Exchange Pilot (Bb defect to be resolved in Version 8, SP 1)
  • Begin Charter and Project docs for Vista 8 Implementation Project (Aug 1st)
  • Discover to what degree SunGard and Blackboard actually talk to each other and whether they would be amenable to clients participating in those conversations
  • Discover who our sister SunGard/Blackboard institutions are and attempt to engage them in influencing/contributing to integration design issues
  • Provision our HonorCodeOrientation course which all entering freshman take before they arrive in the fall.
  • Begin summer semester support cycle with Instructors who will be transferring previous content to summer semester.
  • Take “CMS Enhancement Project” docs to feasibility gate even as we continue to refine the scope and deliverables for Aug. 1st.

2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle…

  1. Dear sir,,

    What about integration banner with Blackboard version 9???

    plz if find any information olz send it me

    with regards

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