Guatemala here I come…

This blog will be suspended from April 5th through April 13th as I work in the Panajachel area of Guatemala with an optometrist friend of mine and the organization ICare International. guatemalaSurgeons on our team will do cataract surgeries at the Solola Hospital, while   the optometrists may see around 500 patients a day for general eye care, examination and prescription glasses fitting. In fact, we’re carrying duffel bags on our flight of prepped surplus glasses donated by the Lion’s and Rotary Clubs.

I’ll be a flunky. I plan on learning quickly and doing whatever they tell me to do!

Friends and Colleagues here at the University of Notre Dame have been incredibly supportive. One friend made a couple of dinners for my husband and children, who are doing without me this week.

My Manager is enthusiastic even though this ‘vacation’ of mine, on top of another colleague’s maternity leave, leaves our little group very short handed. He’s worked around the new schedule I created this semester so that I could audit a Spanish class.

Other colleagues have asked about and donated their surplus prescription glasses. It is a personal trip and a personal choice. SmallGivingBack But I am not the only one at Notre Dame who makes these kinds of choices…  My Office of Information Technologies (OIT) colleagues on April 12th, the day I get back, will be holding hammers, rebuilding and beautifying areas surrounding the University and South Bend.

Once again, more reasons I love being a part of Notre Dame.

2 thoughts on “Guatemala here I come…

  1. Wow Laura! I’m very impressed and proud to know you. I will help your team while you are out the best I can. Have a great trip!

  2. Laura, far from a flunky, dispensed glasses for eight or nine hours a day, learned quickly, and was so kind to our patients in the clinic. She claims to be enamored of computers and software, but you couldn’t tell it from how she related to the needy people in the Lake Atitlan area of Guatemala. she was a great asset to our mission. thank you Notre Dame, and her family, for sharing her with I Care International.

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