Why Notre Dame IS Different

…We take our destiny seriously. As individuals and as an institution. If I hadn’t realized that before, in the 10 years I’ve worked, lived, and played and loved it here, I knew it at this year’s performance review.


The strategic objectives of the University were printed at the top of the form:

…Become (and be perceived) as a premier research university

…Offer an unsurpassed undergraduate education

…Ensure that the university’s Catholic character permeates all aspects of campus life

…Create a culture of service excellence to support the university

…Communicate effectively to internal and external members of the university community

Although never articulated so clearly to me before, none of it was a surprise, and all of it is what I’ve been about personally for years. Kinda makes you proud to work for an institution like that…

PS. Since I’m not Catholic myself -just catholic- I’ll have to post at a later time more about what that one means to me personally, and as manifested around campus among Catholics and the rest of us.