Grade Submission from Bb Vista to SCT Sungard Banner: Testing Failures Continue

Yesterday’s testing revealed a new flaw/quirk -call it what you will: a new way grade submission fails.

The first section of midterm grades contained 243 students. All students were selected to Export to SIS. I pushed the button as the Instructor at 2:27pm. Almost instantaneously, as soon as I canceled out of that screen and got back in, the message awaited me, "Grade Exported to SIS."

Sweet. Elegant. But not repeatable. Read on…

Then, at 2:59pm, I submitted the midterm grades for the 2nd class, one of 220 students, to which I was also assigned as Instructor. My colleague at the Registrar’s Office was on the phone with me.

I immediately notice in the Weblogic Console, unlike the first attempt, I now have a 1 in the "Messages Pending Count" of the Outbound queue. At 3:04pm, 5 minutes after submission, my colleague says Banner has received 77 of the midterm grades. We had experienced a 5 minute latency before when messages go to the Vista Internal Queue.

And there seems to be no way to predict what messages will queue and what won’t.

But this time, ah… this time, it stops there. Only 77 of the 220 grades are received by Banner. Then it gets weirder. In Bb Vista, the Instructor gets no "Grade Exported to SIS" comforting message. Instead, after 30 minutes, all grades, including the 77 that made it over, receive this message: