Predatory Blackboard no threat to Open Source or Homegrown CMSs

Read it from them: Blackboard Community Letter of March 11, 2008

Sometimes one sets in motion events that can not be called back. And so it seems with the US District Judge Ron Clark’s injunction against Desire2Learn. The injunction seems to go above and beyond what Blackboard had requested, in banning Desire2Learn from ” ‘encouraging, supporting, aiding, or abetting the use of” its already-installed software systems.”

I’d already had a sinking feeling last week when I realized that many Desire2Learn institutions also license Xythos, now a Blackboard company …

Academia is going to deliver a backlash to Blackboard, wouldn’t surprise me if it all backfires on them…

Blackboard, if you’re reading, you don’t want to be in this. It’s not good for any of us.

One thought on “Predatory Blackboard no threat to Open Source or Homegrown CMSs

  1. It looks like D2L is altering their software so they do not infringe on the patent. Great blog though.

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