Post Retraction Wrong sql query for DST

I’m at a conference right now (Purdue’s TLT) or I’d have the ‘real’ query built and posted already. (I thought about just deleting the bad post and hoping no one would notice, but I’m sure they would. You just can’t get away with anything these days!).

Thanks to John Porter of Blackboard for gently and pointedly (only he can do both) asking me whether Notre Dame really had any sections with a start date of March 9th … because,  that’s exactly which start date I reference! …I intended to find the start date of a learning object such as assignment or assessment.

Has anyone else come up with such a query and be willing to post it here for us?

2 thoughts on “Post Retraction Wrong sql query for DST

  1. The lack of consistent table names for the same things suggests to me a lack of standards and a consistent approach.
    Assessments are very complicated with components all over the place. Probably assmt_setting.starttime has the value you seek for the assessment.
    Assignments while more simple lack a start date. They have due dates (agn_assignment.duedate) and leeway dates (agn_assignment.leewaydate).

  2. Check your e-mail. I sent you a new query. Feel free to share, although it doesn’t tell you which sections….:(

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