Here at Notre Dame… Daylight Savings Hotfix

Whew… here at Notre Dame we’re still on Spring Break this coming Sunday. Otherwise this hotfix falls into the category of ‘two months late and thousands of dollars short,’ if I may take liberties with the saying’s day and dollar.

Isn’t it amusing how this Hotfix Support Bulletin got written as though there is only one Instructor creating events for the entire institution?

“o Please note: if you are creating/editing an assessment and an assignment with a Start/End Time on March 9th, you will need to download HF2. If you are creating/editing an assessment and assignment with a Start/End Time prior to or after March 9th, then this will not be needed.”

Oops… this update just in… from a Support Bulleting issued 20 minutes after the first: Without the hotfix, dates of items starting or ending on November 2nd will also be off by an hour.

Just out of curiousity, I ran this select statement to see whether any of our assignments were possibly schedule to begin the Sunday of the end of spring break (3/9/2008):

select  b.tool_name, a.start_date, a.end_date
from webct.rpt_learning_context a,
     webct.rpt_tracking b,
     webct.xlist_lc_mapping c
where a.learning_context_id = b.learning_context_id
and a.ims_value = ‘SECTION’ and a.start_date = ’09-MAR-2008′