Here at Notre Dame: How many FTEs does it take…?

to monitor one’s Oracle course management database? 1 DBA 3 hrs/month
to develop, troubleshoot and maintain customizations, and to provide some 2nd level support? 1 Developer 20 hrs/month
to provide Help Desk services for Students? 1 Help Desk 10 hrs/month
to provide application administration, 2nd level support, application monitoring, troubleshooting, Bb support ticket management, and program coordination? 2 Course Mngment Admins 140 hrs/ month
to provide project management, ad hoc reporting, and campus CMS advocacy? 1 Course Mngmnt Admin 60 hrs/ month
to provide hardware and OS build, maintenance, and monitoring? 1 Sys Admin 20 hrs/month
to management after hours coordination and alert response? 1 Data Center 30 minutes/ month
to manage the CMS portion of the front end load balancer? 1 Load Balancer Admin 30 minutes/ month
to oversee and coordinate the CMS with the SIS resources and management? 1 Really Good Boss 2 hrs / month (plus weekly one-on-ones with 3 FTEs having CMS roles)
to coordinate communication, training and website? 2 Training Folk 9 hrs / month
to provide the College Faculty with consultation? 5 College Resources. 34 Designated Key Contacts and 3 central CMS Admins (2nd level support, we call it).
  …and a partridge in a pear tree.

2 thoughts on “Here at Notre Dame: How many FTEs does it take…?

  1. Impressive. I’d hate to see the FTEs for us.
    One question on the “to provide application administration” which uses 2 Course Admins 140 hours / month. At 70 hours per admin, ya’ll are extremely overworked. Just one more would bring it down to 47 per admin.

  2. And if they hired an additional administrator, then your team could take on even more responsibilities! Wouldn’t that be great?
    But seriously: How did your admin time change between CE 4 and CE 6? I got to the party late, but my guess is somewhere between a factor of 2 and of 4.

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