First Successful Garbage Collection Since Jan 4!!!

We interrupt the current “Here at Notre Dame” series to bring you the following “whoo-who!”

Following the guidance of one Joel Diamant-Halpern of  Bb support, who steadily and pugnaciously stuck with the problem that I, Laura Gekeler, also steadily and pugnaciously chipped away at, while continuing our regular innervating tasks, and while running the issue in tedious and exhausting circles, I might add, -we have finally achieved glorious and exhilarating success. Exclamations of “Eureka!” and “Hallelujah!” are in order (according to the predilections of the individual reader, of course).

We have finally replaced the GarbageCollectionConfiguration.xml in the /serverconfs/garbagecollection directory on each node with the most current version (ours was dated Dec. 3rd) as documented in KB article with the knowing and wholistic title “Updated Garbage Collection configuration for Application Pack 2.”

The governance and insight for said copy was provided by a conjunction of the stars and by the repeated, tiresome and lonely error message involving this line “WEBCT.FK_DIS_MSG2SIMPLE_FILE_GROUP” which, one might observe, is distressingly similar to that which is referenced in the Knowledgebase article of Feb. 14th from which I excerpt  here:

VST-2409 – ORA-02292: integrity constraint (VISTA.FK_MAIL_MESG2SIMPLE_FILE_GRP) violated – child record found
VST-2421 – ORA-02292: integrity constraint (WEBCT.FK_AGN_SUBMSN2SMPL_FL) violated – child record found

1. Stop the Vista 4/CE6 Application Server or Managed Nodes in a Clustered environment

2. Rename existing GarbageCollectionConfiguration.xml to GarbageCollectionConfigurationOld.xml on all managed nodes and then copy the new GarbageCollectionConfiguration.xmlclip_image001 to the same locations in the deployed environment \serverconfs\garbagecollection

3. Restart the Vista 4/CE6 Application Server(s)

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