Weekly Feature? User tutorials… in Jing

I finally had a chance to play around with TechSmith’s ‘quick and dirty’ screen capture freebie called Jing. Here’s the result of some caffeine, a Plantronic headset with mic, and a whole bunch of support tickets that started me thinking… It only records, no editing that I can find. Output is a .swf file. This may become a weekly feature on this blog…

File Upload in Notre Dame’s Concourse CMS (Bb Vista)

The part that doesn’t work so well is embedding it so that it plays in the blog window (a la YouTube). It does not miniaturize well, so any embedding code I use causes the view to be of only part of the original Flash. This was my final attempt at embed src code:

One thought on “Weekly Feature? User tutorials… in Jing

  1. I use Jing often especially when demoing features of Vista to new users. It has become an invaluable tool especially when clients use it under “steps to replicate” on those Bb tickets. 🙂

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