Adding to the Catalog of Administrative View Bugs…

Try this one… you use User Manager to select a user. Your page setting is, oh, say, 10 rows per page.


You view the users’ enrollments because you want to remove one or more (say, yourself, because if you don’t, your My Blackboard page will begin to load way too slowly).

You scroll to the bottom of the page, and set the view to All. (You learn to check this corner each time, otherwise you’ll think enrollments are missing when it’s just your default view setting). Click the green arrow after you change the drop-down to read ALL:


Now, select to unenroll yourself, or someone else, from one of the sections that fall in a row below the screens’ default 10 rows per screen. Even though 17 rows are now visible on the screen, you won’t be able to delete an enrollment on a row higher than what your current default page setting is. Instead, whatever you select will tell you it’s not selected!


Sigh… Sometimes little annoyances can begin to add up to HUGE annoyances..

Oh… the workaround? Change your default page setting so that it’s high enough to display the enrollment you want to delete on the first page it returns.