Sunday with Bb Support …

This post is about the call center and its process, not about why I had a Sunday morning production-down situation or how it was resolved. That comes later this week.

Have you ever had to call your doctor on a weekend?

The Blackboard support process is the same process except for the automated part at the beginning. And the fact that you can’t hang up and dial 911.

First, as usual, the automated system offers you choices so you can tell it yes you’re an Administrator (Push 1, I think). Then that you’re on the Academic Suite (Push 1 again, I think) and then what your institution number is. So, you’ve been validated. You’re legitimately entitled to support.

You think.

Then there’s a wait. Maybe just the beginning of the semester wait. Let’s hope they can staff better than this for off peak times. Yesterday I waited an astonishing 5 minutes before a real person was available to pick up.

Who was the real person? I could swear it’s the same person at the same paging service my doctor uses.

She asked me whether I was an administrator (again); my institution number (again); my name (validating again my right to be calling?). She took my phone number and the very top level symptoms.

“Production is down,” I said through gritted teeth. “This is related to incident …(I rattled off the number).”  With utter ambivalence, with no sense of urgency, she promised that someone would call me right back.

At least if it’s a medical emergency I have a hospital right down the road.

For a system emergency you must stifle your resentment, remain as pleasant as your spiritual fortification enables you (Oh God, I need more. Please, more patience, kindness…all the good stuff),  …and hope that Joel Diamant-Helpern is working that weekend.

God then smiled on me. My cellphone rang almost as soon as I hung up. My laptop displayed an incoming email as well. Joel was working.

3 thoughts on “Sunday with Bb Support …

  1. Did you log a Severity 1 ticket before you called? That is your “911” as it e-mails everyone and lets us know that you logged a Sev 1. So log a ticket first, then call in.

  2. Yeah, it’s a chicken or egg thing. If you log a Severity 1 case before you pick up the phone, when you press submit this message appears, “Please be aware you are logging a Critical – Severity 1 issue. If this is an actual emergency and your system is down, please call Client Support using one of the numbers on the right hand side of this page.”
    I called Support on a Sunday. I got a service. Yuck.

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