Journal Entry… Adoption rate Is Growing. What to do?

Dear Diary,

The week before classes began, last week, I was not the designated person on second level support but unlike previous semesters, the deluge of support calls was so pronounced (and so basic), I just had to jump in. It continues this week…

Names are coming across my desk that are completely unfamiliar to me and people asking questions that we’ve had campaigns to address… if I have to explain to one more Instructor about the label for their course link to a crosslist being based on whichever teaching assignment syncs with the CMS first (and no, I can not edit it!) , I think I’ll scream. No, I’ve already done that. What’s left? Pot, I think. Hmmm… Maybe I’ll try prayer first- it’s not as trendy, but it’s been around for a long time and isn’t likely to get me into trouble. My God who hears, You are listening?

The main reason I’m writing is because of this surge in our adoption. We have no way of anticipating it or planning for it and now I’m seeing how scarey it can be, how the quality of the service we provide can be most excellent one day and horribly inexcusable the next.

Would it have been better for the Provost to have mandated the use of Concourse for all classes? Would it have been better to roll out some campus-wide training program? To have allocated personnel to create Camtasia tutorials for our FAQs?

sigh… I’d better get back to it.



2 thoughts on “Journal Entry… Adoption rate Is Growing. What to do?

  1. A coworker and I used to joke about a “deer in the headlights club” at the beginning of the semester.

  2. Weird, I had not yet read this when I posted Dumbfounded By The Numbers earlier. As I mentioned it the post, I am not a fan of the number of students as a measure for growth. Personally, I pay the most attention to the growth of monthly hits and growth of storage.
    The Provost making use of Vista mandatory would have stifled growth. My experience is mandatory orders get about 80% market penetration. Resistance to being told what to do would ensure the other 20% reject Vista. (Though, a concerted effort to convert the resistance could erase this.) Left to their own devices, you could get much closer to 95%.
    Its amazing to me how we can determine the worst case scenario and consistently meet that.

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