Post SP3 Garbage Collection Failures

I opened ticket #504803 with Bb on Monday and was less than gratified to not get a response until today. (Our TSM is on vacation according to his out of office reply message).

So today I’m told to run the GC utility. I thought SP3 was supposed to correct GC?

Now, all I’ve consulted up to now is the serverAdmin UI, so before I go off trying to get this scheduled before the start of the semester, I’ve got some questions (I wish the Bb reply asked these questions, but all they said was to run the GC utility).

So, I ran “select * from archive_unit where deleted = 1” logged in as both the webct schema user and the webct$PF schema user and lo and behold, there are no records marked for deletion.

So why does the UI persist in telling me my GC’s are failing?

One thought on “Post SP3 Garbage Collection Failures

  1. GC Utility = deletes records that prevent SP3 GC from running. These bad records are not created anymore in SP3. That’s why you need to run this first.
    SP3 GC = successfully deletes records from the system that you actually delete; like students, sections, content, etc.
    So the GC job fails because of some errant record out there that the utility needs to delete. So for your job to show completed you need to “clean up the DB” with the utility and then let the SP3 GC job run.
    E-mail me and let me know the results. I’m wrestling with a few GC demons of my own in a QA environment.

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