Message to Notre Dame Faculty: ND’s Student View

Good Morning,

I’ve been meaning to detail for you some of the known issues from last semester that we were able to resolve with application patching we did Jan. 3rd and 6th.

The BIGGEST and most noticable change is the behavior of the Student View tab.

All Fall semester if an Instructor  clicked on the tab before Granting access to students, a “System Exception error” occurred.  So how were you supposed to check to see what your students would see before turning them lose in your course?

It’s fixed.

WARNING: Some of you began to ‘check’ whether your students had access to your section by clicking on the Student View tab. If you received the “System Exception” error, you knew they couldn’t see your course either. This is no longer true.

Always check the “Grant/Deny Student Access” feature through your InsideND Academic tab. If the status says “Hidden,” your students can not see the link to your course.