SP3 Post-Install Bb Tickets

1. Garbage collection: 504803 . SP3 was supposed to solve GC problems. We actually had a successful GC run Jan 4th after SP2 but before SP3. Before that, last successful was Dec. 5th.

We don’t run section backups and have a database only around 100gig, so I didn’t run the GC utility before applying the SP. I bet I’ll be asked to do so.

2. Weblogic Cluster Config Anomalies: 504722

WebCTManagedNodeC listed twice in Migration Targets. May I safely delete one?

WebCTManagedNodeA is not considered primary. If I rearrange config.xml order will that solve it? NodeA runs JMS integration which seems to be working even though errors about not being primary are being thrown into the webct.log

Since the cluster is running, I could do the first one in the Console and let it change the config.xml at the next restart. I don’t think this can be done without a restart. The second one seems to be configured only by the order of appearance in the config file, at least the log entry order coincides with the config.xml