SP3 install time. In Progress.

The cluster is supposed to need the Admin node just to start up and shut down… well, except for JMS migration functions. So, we moved Netapp filers this morning and I let the cluster keep running. It’s a long story involving the fact that the Admin wasn’t running anyway due to an error in the VM server on which it’s virtual self is running… And of course, sleep has something to do with it since the filers were being moved at 5am.

So, now that the Netapp filers have been repositioned, brought back up and the database is back up, I restart the Admin thinking it will reconnect to the Nodes. No. That would be too simple.

Instead, I’m waiting for the Sys Admin to kill the processes (I have startup scripts which I can su and run even though I’m not root, but I don’t have similar shutdown scripts)…